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CORONET LED is a private NJ company specializing in producing LED lighting systems based on designs provided by leading architectural firms in New York.

Founded in 1960, CORONET has experienced significant growth and development over the past decade, particularly in the commercial sector, focusing on office buildings.

As stated on their website: "With an extensive network of regional sales managers and agency partners, as friends and neighbours we’re right here to work with architecture and design teams nationwide".

CORONET has found a reliable partner with Megalight, which serves as its engineering department, providing design solutions and pricing quotes based on custom requirements.

JR KRAUZA, the VP of Product at 'CORONET;, has been with the company since 2017. Emphasizing the importance of maintaining high product quality, JR highlights Megalight's consistent delivery of high-quality LED Modules, curves and Arrays as a key reason for their continued partnership. JR emphasise the strategic nature of this partnership, viewing Megalight not just as a supplier but as a trusted partner.


One notable example JR provides of Megalight's commitment to solving problems is addressing a dimming issue with an LED panel, ultimately preserving CORONET LED's reputation with their customers.


Additionally, Megalight's innovative approach to addressing challenges, such as developing a custom LED strip solution for lighting fixtures with varying lengths and curves, further solidifies the partnership's strength.

JR's statement reflects the deep trust and confidence CORONET has in Megalight, describing them as the kind of people they want to work with.

This sentiment underscores the unconventional and mutually beneficial relationship between the two companies, which is characterized by reliability, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence.

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